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I'm trying to flash a ARS6501 device (PSoC CY8c4147azi-s445 inside) using CMSIS-DAP and PSoC Programmer 3.29.0

The SWD adapter is detected by the programmer, however, the device is never acquired. I tried multiple times, with different CMSIS-DAP versions (v1, v1.1 and v2.0) but none worked! I always get "FAILED! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer..." error.

I checked all connections many times, and also probing the signals with the scope and I can see RST, SWCLK and SWDIO toggling trying to get response from device, but no luck so far... Only thing I notice is RST pulse is only 50ns, which seems to be small compared to what the PSoC Programming Specification states; however, I don't see how to actually change this as it's supposed to be handle by the programmer software.

Also tried two devices with same behavior so I don't think it's the device.

So my question is; it's really possible to acquire the device using CMSIS-DAP?

Thanks in advance;


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