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PSoC Creator & Designer Software

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Hi there,

I'm using PSoC Creator in a Windows 10 virtual machine (Oracle VirtualBox) an just realized that I haven't been seeing any autocomplete suggestions for quite a long time. I can't exactly tell when they disappeared. Maybe they even haven't been there since I switched to virtual machine. Can't remember...

Now I'm trying to get them back but couldn't find a way yet. I tried every possible setting in Tools > Options > Text Editor > Inline Diagnostics and Autocomplete but nothing happened. The only thing that made a little difference was what htoraby_2798536 suggested in this thread Autocomplete function not working. So I took libclang.dll from Creator 4.1.and 4.0 (one after another, of course) and replaced the version that came with 4.2 which caused autocomplete to show up for a few tens of seconds after starting PSoC Creator. But then it disappeared again and never came back...

The virtual machine has 4GB of RAM and uses 2 processor cores so power and memory shouldn't be the problem.

Any ideas? Class? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller...? Thank you, Dave Jones... ;-))

I'm obviously not the only one experiencing this issue. Maybe the developers at Cypress should have a closer look before the next update...



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Seems that the issue can only be reproduced in VM?.....