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        If I compile my app that uses custom characteristics in the BLE module in Creator 3.1, my external software can read the descriptor values for the characteristics just fine. After migrating the application up to Creator 3.2 and compiling and loading it, my external apps get the value of the descriptor along with what appears to be part of the UUID for the characteristic appended. There is no difference between the code at all, only difference is the updated Creator software, which also has an updated BLE component. Has anyone else seen this? I just went back to the archived copy that 3.2 made while migrating and compiled it with 3.1 and reloaded, and everything works, but if I try it with the migrated version in 3.2 I get the appended values instead.   
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I did not have a chance to check this. Can you please attach your project in which this was faced? Or did you face the same behavious with all the projects?


Out of curiosity!!!!