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PSoC Creator & Designer Software

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I am trying to export PSoC Creator 4.2 project for PSoC 6 to eclipse via CMSIS pack.

I am trying to follow the guide in help -> PSoC Creator help topics -> Using PSoC 6 Designs in Eclipse

This guide seems outdated.

Currently I am in this step:


Cypress Toolchain Adapter Feature

As a convenience to our PSoC Creator/Eclipse users, Cypress provides a small "toolchain adapter" feature, which populates several Eclipse project tool settings for projects imported from PSoC Creator, saving time and reducing the chances of incorrectly typed tool setting values. The feature can be downloaded as a ZIP archive from the PSoC Creator downloads page:


The download link is missing!

could you please update the guide and provide me the link for "PSoC Device Project Utilities"

Thank you.

1 Solution

Yes you're right. The plugins I mentioned are for PSoC4, sorry about that.

The ones for the PSoC6 are not available on the website for download. Due to versions of CMSIS-PACK plugin that are broken, they didn't work with the Cypress plugins. Alsp, the documentation needs to be updated since a lot has changed.

Work is underway to fix this and release the plugins in WW04 tentatively along with the documentation. Do let us know if this urgent. We can look into how we can help you at the earliest.



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