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@rbyn, I just learned that this site will be closed on 4/1/2014.




My thoughts on securing the info on the site, as much of it does not exist


on this site, especially concerning PSOC 1 and HiTech and Imagcraft -




1) When I post here, I start with a problem and search web, > 50% of the hits


still come from PD.COM, and many still relevant.




2) forum has no support for HiTech, even though that compiler still outperforms


Imagcraft by ~ 30 - 40 % in code density, I specifically have a design that proves that


beyond any doubt. How many of your customers using PSOC 1 still on that marvelous tool ?




3) There is legacy knowledge on PD.COM, that will be useful for Cypress customer base


for some time to come. To eradicate this sites wealth of knowledge would be customer


irresponsible. Let alone the engineers that have to support their companies PSOC products.




4) I would posit this site is used by no small number of Cypress engineers for a knowledge


base as well. I have been referred more than once to threads on PD.COM from employees.




Just some thoughts on preserving a useful knowledge database.




Regards, Dana.

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