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@rbyn, I just learned that this site will be closed on 4/1/2014.




My thoughts on securing the info on the site, as much of it does not exist


on this site, especially concerning PSOC 1 and HiTech and Imagcraft -




1) When I post here, I start with a problem and search web, > 50% of the hits


still come from PD.COM, and many still relevant.




2) forum has no support for HiTech, even though that compiler still outperforms


Imagcraft by ~ 30 - 40 % in code density, I specifically have a design that proves that


beyond any doubt. How many of your customers using PSOC 1 still on that marvelous tool ?




3) There is legacy knowledge on PD.COM, that will be useful for Cypress customer base


for some time to come. To eradicate this sites wealth of knowledge would be customer


irresponsible. Let alone the engineers that have to support their companies PSOC products.




4) I would posit this site is used by no small number of Cypress engineers for a knowledge


base as well. I have been referred more than once to threads on PD.COM from employees.




Just some thoughts on preserving a useful knowledge database.




Regards, Dana.

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This would be akin to bookburning in my humble estimation.




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I used to visit but come to this forum most of the time lately.


The forum support of the hi-tech compiler, and the information of earlier PSoCs are still needed by some users. Would be better if Cypress can do something about it.

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We here in Germany are a little bit concerned when the term "Bookburning" is used. The historical background was a complete different one and the goal at that time was a pure political repression aming against people having a different political orientation (which is considered nowadays to be a "normal" orientation").


But you are quite right that it would be ignorant to throw away the collected wisdom of the PD.COM. Getting the solutions injected into a knowledge base (KB) could be a solution. On the other hand Cypress shows that tagging and cataloging CDC-posts into a working KB is not their thing. Repeatedly asked questions from users concerning the very same matter shows that it seems to be difficult to dig out the thread that already has answered the problem some months ago.


It has always been difficult to point Cypress's web-team to solutions, or rather: it was easy to give the hints but Cypress did not follow at all. Instead Cypress pays some engineers for answering questions in the forum which have been answered long before.





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Bob, here in US we have burned books for -




1)               Religious reasons


2) Political


3) Educational


4) Knowledge suppression


5) Insanity


6) Deception


7) ...........




No shortage of manipulators and anti science here. I have been


waiting for a post here at some point that will claim that PSOC, as a


result of "unusual" pin counts, is the work of the devil and should be know the rest.




Regards, Dana.


 Well I've never burned a book (I actually cringe at the thought) but I will make sure that the relevant parties are aware of the psocdeveloper forum situation.  





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In ancient china. the king not just burn the book. he had the schoolars buried alive as well.