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I'm a noob to PSOC Creator but have successfully built some projects exercising a TFT display over SPI. Now I'm being more ambitious and trying to use Segger's emWin library for controlling the display.

The trouble is that I'm not getting build errors for when functions that I'm calling are not defined anywhere. I get a successful build when I shouldn't. I expect to get build errors if the linker can't find functions that have been declared in an include file but aren't defined in a 'c' file. Here is the code that should generate a link error:

When I hover over the function DISP_Read8_A1 which was never declared and then click on "Go to definition", I do get the following message:

The IDE was smart enough to tell me that the function wasn't defined, but the linker isn't?

I would try stepping through the code to see what the compiler/linker has done, but I have way too many loose ends right now to try debugging.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I think that you should get an error at Linker stage except when the function which contains the lines you showed is never called.

If those 3 lines are in a function XYZ(), how about trying to call the function just before the main loop or something,

I'm afraid that then you will get a linker error. (Otherwise, I can't imagine a reason, right now)


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