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Some comments about the LCD displays Cypress ships with DVK -




1) They are puke green, there are several high contrast displays, like white on blue that are equally cheap


and intrinsically easier to read.




2) No backlght, no reason these days not to have a LED B/L, adds pennies to cost of display. Right now,


all the kits I have, I use a separate HID light I shine on board/LCD so I can see the display. Otherwise


in moderate room lighting they are very difficult to read. You would have to make notes to users regarding


impact on current drain in kit.






3) Display viewing angles poor, the technology has moved on in this area. I am sure you can get one


with wider viewing angles.




3) Offer a store item for 4 x 20, some other common form factors. Also OLED plug compatible






Regards, Dana.

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