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I am trying to work with CY8CKIT-044 Pioneer Kit with CY8C4247AZI-M485 PSoC. I had tried to write via I2C using the Bridge Control Panel. There was ACK in the log window whenever I issue a write command. However, when I issue a read command, the data returned for the slave address were al 00 followed by an acknowledgement symbol +. I've attached a screenshot of the control panel here. I had also attached my main.c code wherein the LED1 will toggle state whenever there is a new I2C Serial Data received. However, the physical LED I have here (all connections were checked and the same setup was working using a simple GPIO toggle code) does not toggle state even when I issued write command in the Bridge Control Panel. 

I've verified my code with the sample tutorials from Cypress and I've been expecting it to work. However, I the read command in Bridge Control Panel still return 00+. I'm just new with PSoC and this is my first time using I2C in PSoC so if anyone can see what I might be doing wrong or I might've missed something crucial, please let me know.







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it is always advisable to post your complete project: We can immediately use the IDE to check all your component settings, pin definitions and also verify the correct programming. To do so, use
Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
and attach the resulting file.