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Your opinion is extremely important to Cypress. This is why we occasionally send surveys to you. We learn from what you tell us and, in the process, improve PSoC® Creator™.


Currently, our focus is how to improve your experience with PSoC Creator by making it simpler to get started with the program. We call it Ease of Learning.


Here is where your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are important to Cypress. We ask for your input about how to:

  • Organize the data on the PSoC Creator website so that the information you need is easier to find
  • Improve our       Getting Started tutorial or other documents that helps you to quickly understand and use PSoC Creator
  • A list of relevant application notes that give you information about different ways to use PSoC Creator

This list is not complete. It does, however, give you an idea of some the ways in which we plan to improve PSoC Creator.


Thank you for your help, Robert


Thank you for helping us to make our software tools better for you, our customer.

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New Contributor II

My experience so far has been pretty positive.  As soon as I can (and when the parts are available) I want to move over to using PSoCs exclusively. Getting them going is actually a great pleasure, unlike PICs which are actually a total pain the the butt.




My only gripe is that the schematic interface could be improved a little. What I would love to see is:


Pain free zoom/pan. One way to do this is to allow zooming with the scroll wheel, with the zomo centered about the mouse cursor.


Ability to flip or rotate components while placing or draging them (rather than place, right click, go down to shape, across, down to rotate left). The way this is done in Altium is, while dragging, you can press space to rotate, and X and Y to flip the component horizontally or vertically.





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