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 I certainly may be missing something obvious, but there seems to be an issue with implementing a function pointer in a struct referenced by a pointer:


struct MyStruct {


void (*SetDriveMode)(uint8);






void Function1(const struct MyStruct * structPntr) {


void (*foo)(uint8);


foo = PIN1_SetDriveMode;








struct MyStruct structVar;


main {


structVar.MyFunction = PIN1_SetDriveMode;








Notice that foo is not actually used at all.  If I compile my program written like above, it appears to work properly.  I can place a breakpoint at the "structPntr->SetDriveMode(PIN_DM_STRONG);" line and it shows me the correct function address both in foo and in the SetDriveMode function pointer.  However, if I just comment out the "foo = PIN1_SetDriveMode;" line and recompile, it will not work properly and when the debugger halts at the breakpoint, the member values of *structPntr are blank.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts y'all might have.  Thanks.

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