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I read in the press release that Creator and Keil microvision will work together. For PSoC 3 Creator has been using the Keil compiler anyhow. How is this different now. Can I use the microvision debugger from now on? That would be a real improvement because I am not completely thrilled about the integrated debugger.



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there will be more details out soon but let me describe in a nutshell how Keil uVision and Creator 2.0 will interact.


Until now you used Creator and invented your own chip, then you wrote embedded code in "C" and debugged the whole system inside Creator with the integrated debugger.


All these options continue to exist and will be fully supported. The new option we implementd is to "export" your hardware configuration into a uVision project. The API to initialized your components is still available and uVision will pick up where you leave the Creator environment. You can use the uVision debugger interface and naturally the latest Keil compiler for PSoC 3 or PSoC 5.


hth, Robert