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PSoC Creator & Designer Software

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I do like the way these graphic editors look, but I don't think they are so easy to handle when it comes to zooming and panning throughout the pages - though they aren't really big.


As I am an Altium Designer user, I think it'd be quite handy to go about their solution, which is:


Zoom in : Ctrl + mouse wheel forward / keystroke(configurable)


Zoom out : Ctrl + mouse wheel backward / keystroke(configurable)


Pan left: Shift + mouse wheel forward / left arrow key (configurable) / 2D mouse wheel left


Pan right: Shift + mouse wheel backward / right arrow key (configurable) / 2D mouse wheel right


Pan up: mouse wheel forward / up arrow key (configurable)


Pan down: mouse wheel backward / down arrow key (configurable)


Dragging: Hold right button on the mouse and move the cursor.




With the help of mice equiped with configurable buttons, many people (including me) are getting used to navigating graphic GUI with only one hand. It'd make us a lot more efficient if such enhancement was introuduced. Thanks.

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