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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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i am trying to make an adc converter using successive approximation register (SAR) , i am supposed to connect the out put of  comparator to the sar it always get the message of mismatching kinds, i replace the comparator with an opamp but it also get an error message saying that it is connected to analog mux but not to another component (knowing that i disable the rest of the channels)
when i try to connect all to analog pins it get a message that its unable to find a solution for the analog routing 

can i find an adc sar typr as a ready made library ?

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Welcome in the forum, David.


The comparator has got two analog inputs and a digital output. You can connect that output to a status register component or read the comparator state directly using the appropriate API and leave the output unconnected. With some software logic you can build an SAR.





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