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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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only get info that the flash total size is 256KB and the row/block size is 256Byte,

what's the size for array ?

the write unit is in row ?


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How much non-volatile memory do you need?

There are three practical options for you.

  1. The PSoC5 provides up to 2K of EEPROM.  This type is designed for most person's needs of NV memory.
  2. Use the PSoC5 FLASH as emulated EEPROM.  This can provide more NV memory but it has its limitations.
    • Write endurance may be more limited compared to EEPROM.
    • It takes longer to erase/write than EEPROM.  This is usually because the sector size is larger.
    • Care must be taken in segmenting the emulated EEPROM space. It's inadvisable to share the same sectors as Application code or data.
    • Because the sector size is much larger, writing only a few bytes requires writing the whole sector.  This potentially decreases the endurance of the other variables in the sector that don't get changed often.
  3. Use external EEPROM using a SPI or I2C interface.  Cypress just introduced a FRAM non-volatile with infinite endurance cycles.  It can also come in very large sizes (4Mb =  500KB).


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