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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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 Hi all,


Recently I am developing a bigger micrcontroller project with many long codes. Basically, I am using PSoC 5 CY8CKIT-050LP to interface a SD card module (ALFAT OEM Processor: With the integrated UART module block. I don't have any problem with any external modules being connected to the PSoC5 (Those include: XBee and several analogue sensor).


But until recently, sometimes my system just freeze halfway even though the codes are correct as I tried before. Funnier thing happens when I try to plug/unplug the SD card, it sometimes do work or freeze halfway!


Since I got no syntax/programming error before such problem occur, my concern lies on hardware design/circuitry problem. But thinking my codes are quite long, I am wondering whether such huge programming code cause the problem?


Anyone of you face the similar problem before?

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In your code do you have any blocking statement or something which will check for the SD Card or wait there?