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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU


I am using a CY8CKIT-050 PSoC5 with PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1. I downloaded the example design SPI_Design01. In Device Selector I changed the device from CY8C38 series (PSoC3) to my CY8C5868AXI-LP035 chip.
No output displayed on the LCD.


For diagnosis, I added the board's two LEDs to the design. In main.c I turn one LED on just before the while loop and the other LED just after the while loop. The first LED lights but the second does not. This shows that the hang is in the while loop. I temporarily changed the & in the while loop to && and displayed garbage output, of course. With && ANY bit in the Status could satisfy the condition. This shows that SPIS_STS_SPI_DONE bit is never set.
I set a breakpoint at the while loop and stepped through. The last code executed was in SPIS.c lines 416 to 433. Control returned to the while loop.
I have jumper wires connecting:
m_miso to s_miso ( P0[2] to P0[3] )
m_mosi to s_mosi ( P0[0] to P0[1] )
m_sclk to s_sclk ( P0[4] to P0[5] )
m_ss to s_ss  ( P0[6] to P0[7] )


Does anyone have suggestions or time to try my build? I have attached the Archive complete file.

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