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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I have run into a scenario where I am managing an external chip that requires me to send a control sequence, wait over a minute, then input the next part of the control sequence. Since busy waiting on the PSOC side would be super wastefull in this scenario.


I have decided it would be far better to place the PSOC into sleep mode instead. However, the maximum sleep time that can be set the CTW is just over 4 seconds. I was wondering in this case, what is normally the best solution? I am thinking about entering sleep mode repeaditly unitl the complete duration has elasped, for example, if I need to sleep for 60 seconds, I would enter and exit sleep mode using the CTW to wake me up (60/4) times.


Would me entering and exiting sleep mode this often cause problems or waste more energy than it's worth? What other strategies exists for trying to sleep longer than what the CTW can allow? 







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