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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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Hi everybody..


I am trying to receive 3 words of 16 bit each in a SPI slave from a master using interrupt on the slave side. Both master and slave are implemented on separate PSOC5 development kits. In the 1st PSOC kit(SPI Master) I am receiving some data from a GUI through UART and displaying it on LCD. Then I am sending 3 words of 16 bits through SPI master.


On the other PSOC kit I am trying to receive the words with SPI slave using interrupt and display it on LCD. From the SPI master data is sent correctly.On the SPI slave side the interrupt is getting generated correctly but the data received is random.


All the four lines(CS,CLK,MOSI,MISO) of SPI Master are connected to corresponding lines of slave.Please suggest if some hardware settings are wrong or the code itself.  Thanx in advance. Please find the attached files.

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Welcome in the forum.


See AC maximum values in SPI datasheet: Reduce fclock to 10MHz


Your components are outdated, make sure you are running Creator 4.0 SP1, Run a Update Components.