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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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 Hello. I am very new to the PSoc range of controllers, however i have a considerable number of years of experience on 8051/8052 and Atmel's AVR series. I read somehwere that PSoc has a modified / optimized 8051 core. Just want to know if some of you can clear me on whether the PowerPSoc 2 series has a 8051 core or is it something very different ?




Provided that the above holds true for PowerPSoc 2 having an 8051 core, is it possible to develop any applications for it using other IDEs and compilers, like Keil-C ?




The reason for my questions is that i am trying to figure out the time for teh learnign curve of PowerPSoc, since i come from a background of 8051 and AVR.




Your help and suggestions / comments are very much appreciated.


Warm Regards,



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 Dear Zeeshan,




I can understand your concern. PPSoC is an M8C based architecture and needs PSoC Designer for the application development. This tool does not support Keil compiler and provides you with the option of customizing your chip which can not be done using the normal compiler. For the learning of PSoC Designer you can refer to very descriptive training modules available on CY website at the following link:




Our PSoC3 device does support Keil in the PSoC Creator environment but that does not provide you an option of in built Power FETs.




Best regards,