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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I did the "ADC to UART with DAC" sample example, and the LCD updates with the pot value.  My PC also reads the updates.  But the LED, which is supposed to flash, and change values, will work for a little while--then stop.  It appears that the DAC stops updating.  Or maybe it's the DMA?


I am using the CY8C55 Processor Module, and the "CY8C38_main_Ex3.c" code, as found in the "CY8CKIT-001_PSoC_Development_Kit_Guide.pdf", which has "Doc. # 001-48651 Rev. C" at the footer.  I am using PSoC Creator Software 1.0, release date 1/12/2011; there's a bunch of other version stuff listed below that (in the "About" tab that is).  [I just updated all packages yesterday, so it should all be latest and greatest.]  The DMA shows version 1.50; the DAC shows v1.60; and the op-amp shows v1.60.


The only modification I made to the code was to add one more pin, prior to the op-amp output, to see the raw DAC output (in case it was an op-amp issue).  Otherwise it is from the example.


Not sure if it is of any consequence,  but before I updated to the latest software, I had issues with the PWM block--it would not vary duty cycle.  I have not run that example since.



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