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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I am having trouble getting establishing UART serial communication between my PSoC 1 Eval Board, CY3210, with my PC. The specific device on the board is the CY8C29466-24PXI.


Basically, I need the PSoC to send data to my PC for a project, abut can't even get to the point of testing the UART connection. Right now, I am attempting to connect the 9-pin DSUB RS-232 port to a USB port on my PC via a standard RS-232 - USB cable. Upon connecting, my computer fails to install device driver software and stops the device due to it not working. I have installed the UART drivers from Cypress, and have attempted to associate them with the device, to no avail. Every time I manually tell my computer which driver to use, it tells me that the best driver is already installed and refuses to install the selected driver (cypressusbandbus.inf). 


If anyone has any idea how I should accomplish this, I would be very grateful for your help. Perhaps my approach of using the 9-pin is completely wrong. Please provide any suggestions that may help. Thank yo

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Hello Kevyn,


From the description of your problem, I guess that the driver for the RS232 to USB Convertor cable is not correctly setup. If there was a driver CD which was packed in the convertor packaging, try installing the driver from that CD. In any case, do let me know the make and the model no of the RS232 to USB convertor you are using, as also the Windows version. (The convertor may or may not be using the Cypress UART-to-USB convertor chip). This will help me trouble shoot the issue.


Also be kindly informed that, on every new release of Windows, Microsoft packs a lot of drivers for many models of this convertor. So, your installation might already be having the right driver. In order to do that, kindly go to your device manager, and find the your convertor device. There might be an improper device driver entry. Delete that entry, and plug in the convertor cable. Windows will try to search for a driver from its own database. 


And, your approach of using the 9 pin D-connector on the CY3210 Eval kit is right. 


Kindly rest assured that we can support you through our Technical Support. Kindly do let me know.


Sampath Selvaraj


Apps Engr Sr Staff


Cypress Semiconductor