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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

New Contributor II

 I have a PSoC5LP Project which has been around for years.


This week I installed the latest PSoC Creator 3.1 Update, and now my system won't fully.


It is more or less operating normally, with the exception that every malloc() fails.


It's as though the system has suddenly ran out of RAM.


It is a very large project, but there is not actually a huge amount in RAM, and anway, it was working fine before I updated to Creatpr 3.1 and re-compiled everything.


At the end of compilation I get this message:


Flash used: 110520 of 262144 bytes (42.2 %). Bootloader: 16128 bytes. Application: 94392 bytes
SRAM used: 28453 of 65536 bytes (43.4 %). Stack: 2048 bytes. Heap: 128 bytes.

    Which suggests that I have plenty of ram free.   
    However by testing with malloc of different sizes I've determined that there is only 116 Bytes free! This doesn't sound right!   
    Is there any way of determining the correct amount of free SRAM at run time?   
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