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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I have modified old project with 16 bit delta sigma ADC, Filter and UART. I am trying to send 16 bit ADC output to filter and further to UART. Somehow unable to get the output. Any suggestions?? 

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You collect data with a frequency of nore than 1ksps (1000 samples per second. Your UART is not able to handle that. When transferring binary data (which is not so safe using UART) you can send with your configuration 400 sps. So you need to increase the baud rate.


The data you send is not readable, it must be converted to ASCII. What do you want to do with the data on the other side of the UART?


A simple solution for you is to poll the filter fro channel A data ready and then transfer the result (Converted using sprintf) to UART which has to run at 115200bd (estimated)





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