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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

Contributor II

    I would like to write Data buffered into memory from the  ADC 150,000 sps  rate out the 8 bit dac, capturing a 20khz waveform.  I understand I would either loose the upper 4 bits or the lower 8 bits to do this, unless some extra logic was thrown into the mix.


   However, it appears the DMA unit is 8 bits only, and the DAC is 8 bits only.  I would get the upper 4 bits inter-mixed with the lower 8 bits.  Strange dac signals would result.


   If I use Dithered dac, I can only to 7,000 sps.


   So, any way to get DAC to skip a byte (increment by 2)?


   Any work arounds or suggestions?   I guess I could verilog up something, just don't want to go there yet.


   I prefer not to use cpu resources, but I'm open to any suggestion at this point.

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