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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I'm french student in electrical engineering and I work on a school project of "touch keyboard" with the technology CapSense.


I work with the CY8CKIT-059 (and PSoC Creator). The purpose of my project is to realize a touch keyboard with 9 touch (1 to 9) and I fixed a code of 4 numbers (such as a password). When you type to correct code, a green led is flashing and at the contrary, when you tape a wrong code, a red led is flashing. I have written my program in C language  on PSoC creator and it work really good. 


Now I want to add a LCD (162B Series, by Displaytech Ltd.). I have realised some tests but it's not work...  Severals pins of my kit are used.. I pluged 7 threads from my LCD to the kit. I also added the "block LCD" on PSoC Creator.


But how configure my LCD from PSoC Creator..  ? 


And are there some pins reserve for the LCD ? 




Thanks you very much ! 🙂 

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IIRC the LCD component data sheet explains which connections you need to make for your LCD. Configure the component to use the 4bit mode.


Also, make sure that the GPIO pins used for the LCD are not used by other components / peripherals (check with the -059 schematic).


There are not special pins reserved for the LCD, but the pins must be 7 consecutive pins of the same PSoC port (again, read the component data sheet).


You can try to connect your LCD data lines to bank P0[1] ... P0[7] but there are external capacitors connected to [2],[3],[4] that you would have to remove from the board. You can connect the LCD to bank P12 but this might limit your ability to communicate via SPI or I2C. I found that PSoC Creator likes to use P12[3] for s_clk. This might not be a problem if you lock the s_clk to another pin but I haven't tried it. Then connect appropriate power lines to your LCD.

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Thank you guys ! I'm happy to say to you that our project works well ! 🙂