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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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sorry to post here but I found no other forum more pertinent.   
I am developing a PSOC system with the Power Line Communication Module CY8CPLC10.   
I checked the datasheet, but I found no suggested transformer for the signal path, except one that is obsolete.   
So I googled around and found the Pulse Eng PE-65812 and PE-65612 transformers, that are suggested for Echelon applications and other digital audio applications.   
I think that it should be ok, but I am not sure. Did someone tried it? and can someone suggest some part that is ok for this kind of application?   
By The Way, I am using the CY8CPLC10 that is a simple i2c modem. Can it be used in conjunction with the CY8C27443-24SX microcontroller? I found no PLC module inside the PSoc Designer, but I think that it should be simply a matter of software library...   
Thank you in advance!   
Federico Fuga   
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