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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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Dear Forum,


in my project I am sending several data via USBUART to a PC. Now I want to check the data on the other side. So I want to do a CRC calculation on both sides. The receiver sends back the CRC and the sender can cross check the CRC.


There is this CRC component in PSoC, but it needs hardware connections (since it is a hardware component...)
The USBUART component does not have some hardware connections.


So I tried the following, I used a Control Registers at the CRC component and iterate the whole string sending via USBUART through the CRC component. Finally I get a result with that, but I don't like this solution and also I don't get the same CRC on the PC side.


So my question is, how to do a CRC check with data sending via USBUART component in PSoC5?


Thanks a lot in advance,



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