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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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Hi all,


I recently started working on a project which requires a bootloader. I followed the following guide:


My problem is the following: I did the bootloader part ( Placing a bootloader component and configuring it based on the application note description).  However, when I built my bootloadable project and generated the bootloadable file, it would give me an error saying the bootloader did not recognize the command. 


To program the bootloader, I the CY8CKIT-059 debugger I2C bridge.


Does anyone know of a nice bootloader example I could follow to help guide me?



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Hello Carlos.

Did you configure the bootloadable component to point to the bootloader?
If not, do the following:

On the schematic, double-click on the component Bootloadable.
In the component window that opens, click on tab "Dependencies".
In the line "Bootloader HEX file", use the "Browse..." button to find the file location of the i2C Bootloader that uses your target PSoC.
The .elf line will automatically be filled in.
Now, click OKAY or Apply, close that window.
Re-build bootloadable application.

Should be good now.

BTW, the Getting Started guide for KIT-049 is very good at explaining this (KIT-049 always uses a Bootloader).

You will need to program the Bootloader onto PSoC 5LP target with KITPROG using SWD interface first.  After this is successful, you then use Tools --> Bootloader Host menu from Creator to bootload the bootloadable across i2C.  Be sure to configure Bootloader Host menu for same i2C settings as when you configured the Bootloader i2C component.

Good luck with your project.