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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU

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I am working on PSoC creator 3, I am using PGA to amplify my wave. I want gain of 1,3 5,7 using slider. But what I have searched is that PGA gain can only be set to 1,2,4 etc. Can anyone please share any Cypress document explaining how can my problem be solved. Also I cannot find any way to make PSoC 3 input based. Can anyone please help me with that?





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You could -




1) Use TIA or OpAmp with an input mux to several G settings R's, although


this eats up pins, one per G setting.


2) Use A/D, then simply use a G factor before passing back to VDAC.


3) Use IDAC and control currents, hence G, in external amp of some


basic configuration, like a transconductance OpAmp.




Making PSOC input, not sure what you mean. If you want to input signals, you simply


select pin and sets its properties to HiZ analog in. Then route that to components of






Regards, Dana.

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Eliminate 1) as a suggestion, as TIA fdbg R tolerance is very poor, so your


G accuracy would be bad as well. The OpAmp with external R's and


mux for input R's to set G probably best solution. You could use PGA


and throw away G with a muxed R divider at PGA output, then buffer that


with an OpAmp in follower mode.




So question -




1) Why the odd valued G's ?


2) Nature of signal you are processing ?




Regards, Dana.