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My device based on cyble-022001 is supposed to have <<1 uA power consumption when the user (or software) switch is off. Then cyble is in stop mode. I was measuring that and it was taking about 2 uA on my custom board with two sensors and a few 100 nF ceramic caps. When I switched off the small work light I have on my table the consumption dropped to 40 nA! I though this was caused by the sensor, since it measures visible and IR light and for it the standby current is specifically said to be in the dark.

But shadowing different parts with finger or a business card revealed it was definitely the module that changed the current consumption and it was its shielded part.

Is that expected? How much the current will be in direct sunlight? Are deepsleep and hibernate equally affected?

The work light I noticed this with is just a small one with 40 W traditional bulb. And it's about 30 cm from the module not heating it up etc. I also tested with a small LED flashlight, but it had much less effect (~100 nA) although I kept it very close and it was definitely brighter (over the scale of 4000 lx vs. 600 lx according to my sensor).

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