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I have Psoc cy8ckit-042 connected with 2 SCB Uart ports. One to the PC and the other to a SIM7600A GSM module. Programming and debug for the cy8ckit is via the onboard usb port.

P4.0  and P4.1 connected to the SIM7600. P0.4 and P0.5 connected to the PC via a Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge.

I have tried multiple communication programs but Putty works as well as others. I can enter all the AT commands to the sim 7600 from putty and they work fine. But I cannot get the psoc to send commands to the sim 7600 without losing quite a bit of the message. I have tried turning the echo on and off. No difference. I’ve tried delays, no difference.

I’m using an interrupt to initiate a simple AT command to the SIM7600. When the interrupt is initiated, It prints to the PC uart (Putty) and it works fine, but I print to the sim7600 and it loses many of the characters.

A similar setup works fine using Arduino. I have tried many scenarios to get this to work on the PSOC but it does not cooperate.

I am using an interrupt handler for each UART for receiving. The basic program came from your CE224406_PSoC4_UART.pdf.

I have attached an archive of the project. You may ignore the functions that are not being used.

Any suggestions?


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You might want to read this discussion.  Similar project, 2 UARTs, CY8C4245 on KIT-049 (same PSoC as KIT-042), GSM module.


It starts off to get UARTs working using same app note CE224406, eventually talks with GSM module.

Good luck with our project.

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Thank-you. I downloaded "two_uart_200425", set the pins, adjusted the board

rate and it runs perfectly.

The project is similar to mine except it collects an entire line where I

was responding to each character. Should be interesting.

I will add an interrupt handler to respond with a message to the GSM module

based on a pin going high.

I will let you know how it works.

Thanks again


On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 8:56 PM BiBi_1928986 <>

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Hi Doug.

Great news!  A good way to start off the new year.


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I have 2 UARTs working. I can type a simple command like AT or ATE1 on the pc, it goes to the psoc via uartCMD which sends it to the GSM modem via uartGSM. I get a response "OK" from the UART_GSM which shows up on the PC via the UART_CMD. I can even send a set of commands which result in a text message being sent to my phone. Therefore the GSM is working, the 2 uarts are working.

Under program control, I can send simple commands also. I execute this by putting GSM commands in an interrupt routine  ISR_BILGEx1 attached to P3_1.
The problem arises when I send, under program control, several commands. It used to stop at 8 characters so I tried to increase the size of the Tx buffer of the uart_GSM which I did, and it helps. In fact, I increase the buffer size to 64 I can then send 64 characters but get stuck every time in the routine UART_GSM_SpiUartWriteTxData(). When the buffer overflows it assigns   "locHead = 0u; ". The next call to UART_GSM_SpiUartWriteTxData() gets stuck on "while (locHead == UART_GSM_txBufferTail)" and never leaves. I think the buffer tail is supposed to get up dated but never does.  I don't know how the buffer wraps around.
Maybe I don't have the uart of the interrupts set up correctly. It is hard for me to believe the cypress SW is at fault but maybe. More likely I haven't done something right. 
I do have an oscope but haven't used it on the project since the uarts seem to be working.
In my last letter, I might have said rx when I meant tx. It is the UART_GSM tx buffer that overflows and causes a problem.
You can see that I have tried many different things in interrupt routine ISR_BILGEx1.
Please explain how the tx buffer wraps around especially when it gets stuck in the  UART_GSM_SpiUartWriteTxData() routine. Also, am I initializing the uarts and interrupts correctly?
I have been stuck here for a week. 
Please help if you can. Thanks