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Hello All




I am Trying to Broadcast a single(only one) Packet using Psoc 4 Module in CY8CKIT-042 BLE Kit.




set time out 1Sec (which is min).




advertinging interval = 1000ms(min) and 1000ms(max).




after wake up using switch it should broadcast a sinlge packet with data as 5 in it. and goes to DeepSleep Mode.


but broadcast 2 packets after wakeup.


even if i set time out 1 Sec and advertising interval = 500ms(min) and 500ms(max).(Expected packets 2)


then it broadcast 3 Packtets with data as 5 in it.


evertime it is broadcasting one more packet than expected.


My aim is to broadcast only a single packet.




i have attached my project for reference.


Thanks and Regards



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 HI Amol,


Too many things to be fixed in your project.

1. You have defined two ISR addresses

ISR_WDT_StartEx(WDT_handler) and ISR_WDT_StartEx(IST_WDT).

There is only one interrupt but you have given two parameters in consecutive statements.By doing so the first one i.e WDT_handler is overwritten

You shouldn't do that.

Use only one of these and find the interrupt source as I did in the attached project.

This is the main reason why you are not getting WDT_handler

2) CybleAdvUpdate() API is modified in latest creator version 3.1 SP2. As the behaviour is still under review, inorder to avoid modifying the code for next version of creator I have changed the logic.

I have tested the project. Now the project will transmit once in all channels and  go to sleep for 8 sec. It wake up when WDT interrupts ,measure the voltage and transmit it in all channels and then stop adv after 1 sec. This process continues.

Try this project and let me know if you have any other queries.

Update the PSOC creator to 3.1 SP2 version before testing this project.