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I have studied the document AN89611 PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP Getting Started With Chip Scale Packages (CSP).pdf
In the datasheet of the PSOC4 ,it says "35-ball WLCSP package is shipped with I2C Bootloader in Flash". Therefore I assume the CSP document is, in regard to factory bootloaders, also largely applicable to these WLCSP PSOC4's.


However I have not found the detailed specifications of the bootloader that it is shipped with. Also I could not find a download location for the factory bootloader hex files.


About the bootloader I need to know exactly which two pins are used for i2c.
It appears SDA may either be connected to P0[4] or P3[0].
It appears SCL may either be connected to P0[5] or P3[1].
For making a board layout I need to know which are actually used.


Could you also supply me withe the factory .HEX and .ELF files for the CY8C4244FNI-443 and the CY8C4245FNI-483(T) ?

While making a new topic, I might as well ask what the (T) stands for in the type number of the latter part?



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WLCSP Package Bootloader The WLCSP package is supplied with an I2C Bootloader installed in flash. The bootloader is compatible with PSoC Creator bootloadable project files and has the following default settings:

■ I 2C SCL and SDA connected to port pins P4.0 and P4.1 respectively (external pull-up resistors required)
■ I 2C Slave mode, address 8, data rate = 100 kbps
■ Single application
■ Wait two seconds for bootload command
■ Other bootloader options are as set by the PSoC Creator Bootloader Component default
■ Occupies the bottom 4.5 KB of flash

For more information on this bootloader, see the following Cypress application note: AN73854 - Introduction to Bootloaders

Note that a PSoC Creator bootloadable project must be associated with .hex and .elf files for a bootloader project that is configured for the target device. Bootloader .hex and .elf files can be found at The factory-installed bootloader can be overwritten using JTAG or SWD programming.

This information is available on page 9 on the datasheet.

Best Regards,