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Other Technologies General
  I often look for operational amplifiers on the website. The connection speed is very slow, and I am looking for a way to choose an offline op-amp. C... Show More
Other Technologies General
选用BAR6402VH6327XTSA1型号的二极管进行整流电路测试时,发现在幅值为2V的正弦输入下,输出波形幅值随频率增大而逐步减小。但根绝数据手册显示,该二极管的频率范围应为1MHz~6GHz,所用频率未超过,不清楚问题所在? 电路图: 1MHz时波形:(绿:Vi;黄:Vo 10MHz时波形... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello, I was searching for a LT spice model for the BSP752R component and I have found one on the website but it is encrypted. Could you please share ... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello, I am reaching out as I understand you ultimately supply product to Celestica. We have been tasked by Celestica to gather information on parts/p... Show More
Other Technologies General
I want to perform set of steps for each URL available in last column of the table. Table looks like below. I want to iterate through each row of the t... Show More
Other Technologies General
I have class on Monday. The professor in our college calculates the current in the LED circuit. He used this formula C=kϵ0Ad in this calculation proce... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello,  I am currently in the process of finding a replacement for the CY37128P100-AXC which was discontinued a while ago. I was wondering if there we... Show More
Other Technologies General
Dear Sir/Madam, GreenSoft Technology, a leading provider of environmental compliance data management services and software for the global electronics ... Show More
Other Technologies General
We are using CY7C53150 Neuron chip, the external flash memory used is AT29C512. But this 29C type of flash memory is EOL and no more replacement can b... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello, I plan to use the CY7C9689 TAXI compatible hotlink chip powered at 5V. In the datasheet, the output level is VOH (min) = 2.4V. There is no typi... Show More
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