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我们在调试过程中发现STM32F427IIH6TR主机can perform 1-bit ECC correction and 2-bits ECC detection,   但是NAND Flash S34ML02G200BHI000 datasheet with 4-bit ECC per 5... Show More
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Other Technologies General
Hello,I'm making wireless switch USB with CYRF8935 module and MCU (ATmega48).And I have some troubles with C coding.I had read the datasheet several t... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hi All,We are using Cypress NOR Flash "S25FL128LAGNFV010" this along with RTOS configuration.From total 16MB of flash, 14MB is user space and rest of ... Show More
Other Technologies General
The thyristor is a kind of power semiconductor device. It can also be called silicon controlled rectifier. The thyristor has one more control gate tha... Show More
Other Technologies General
I want to support in-system programming of Cypress devices, including some old Flash370i family devices (e.g. the CY7C375I-83UMB CPLD). There is a Cyp... Show More
Other Technologies General
On the last delivery of the subject components the "Dot" representing Pin 1 appears on the lower left sideinstead of the upper left side while the pri... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hello there, I am interested to buy the following board from Cypress:https://cypressintegration.com/products/osdp/ Would you like to let me know where... Show More
Other Technologies General
Hi Team,We are looking for a 7 to 8 channel Capsense button controller IC for our speaker project. Below are our requirements, 1. Support for at least... Show More
Other Technologies General
i recently downloaded the WS281xlib component and am trying to add it to a project of mine. i go through the step of importing at shown on the website... Show More
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