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Hello, I am currently simulating with the bus functional model for the S25FL512S memory part. Is a sector or bulk erase (SE/BE) required prior to a pa... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello Please tell me about S25FL512. 1) Can I use FLASH of S25FL512DS * as SDR ? If possible, is the maximum frequency of SDR 80MHz ? Is it 133MHz?... Show More
Nor Flash
We are investigating fields failures and we have 2 cases when NOR flash memory data became corrupted after few month operation at customers location. ... Show More
Nor Flash
We suggest S25HL512TDPNHI013 for our custme radar detector.However it seems that it is no package dimension on attached datasheet.Please check the doc... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello. I CHOSE NOR FLASH S25HL512TFANHV010 FOR MY PROJECT. How can I get the complete datasheet?   Show More
Nor Flash
Uboot detects the device as S25FS512S, but it is marked as FL512SAIHC1.   The parts purchased was expected to be S25FL512SAGBHIC10. UBoot sf probe r... Show More
Nor Flash
Would you please let me know if there is a PIN or PCN regarding the addition of the ASO Entry Timing constraint specification to the S29GL-S data shee... Show More
Nor Flash
hello:  I have register as memeber of cypress but still can not download the following Show More
Nor Flash
One week ago, I registered to the Semper Access Program (SAP). But, I do not received invitation in my community e-mail inbox. Do I need to set anythi... Show More
Nor Flash

Can I Get thermal resistance Rjb, Rjc , Rja and maximum junction temperature of PN: S70FL01GSAGMFI013

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The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.
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