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Nor Flash
Issue:We want to use external flash memory with a bootloader. We tested firmware which is modified from Show More
Nor Flash
Dear Sir or Madam, One of the customer is using S29GL128S10TFI020A for the design.   In their design, VIO=1.8V,  do you think this is an appropriate c... Show More
Nor Flash
Hey, We are using CYRS16B512 in a design and because there is no footprint recommendation in the datasheet it is not clear if the pins come pre-bent o... Show More
Nor Flash

Hi Cypress team,

Could you provide S25FS512SDSMFI011 IBIS model?


with regards,

Deepak Anand G

Nor Flash
Hi, I am using S25FL512SAGMFIG11 in one of my projects. Could you please share the IBIS model  for the same. With regards, Sujisha V Show More
Nor Flash
I am using a S25FL256S - 256MBit FLASH, I am able to read register values, erase the entire device or just a few blocks, read and write to the device,... Show More
Nor Flash

S25FL064LABMFI010 の耐熱温度について

Nor Flash
Hello, we would need to replace a standard QSPI 256Mbit NOR flash memory, 1.8V, package FBGA 6x8mm, ball array 5x5, with an equivalent Radiation Harde... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello, In the S25FL256S data sheet, package dimensions are defined by BSC (Basic Spacing between Center). Could you inform the min and max values of D... Show More
Nor Flash

What is the absolute maximum junction temperature for NOR FLASH S25FL128S.

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Nor Flash

The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.
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