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We have been using the S25FL164K0XB on one of our products for years.

We have made several batches.

No changes have been made to production setup, electronics (PCB, schem, BOM etc) or to bootloader and firmware.

However on the latest batch of this product roughly 1/3 of produced units failed to properly boot after being flash with firmware.

multiple x-rays and quality checks have been made on PCB.

We had production change the flash on 20 failing units and then reprogram. After this 17 passed and 3 failed.

We got our S25FL from trusted supplier, but we also tryed ordering a new batch from another supplier (digi-key) and now tried the same test again: 20 failed units, replace flash. Result 16passed 4 failed.

Could be a timing issue.

However what boggles me is, we have changed nothing from older batches to now.

Have there been a change or some errata to the S25FL164, and where do i find information about this?

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