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ModusToolbox AnyCloud SDK
hello, i've succesfully tried and reproduced the example called "qspi_read_write_using_sfdp". When i'm importing the rights function in my project, th... Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
大佬们好! 我在使用CYW 20706模块调试AVRCP协议时(IDE ModusToolbox, bt_sdk 2.5),调用avrc_app_pass_through(uint16_t handle, uint8_t op_id,uint8_t state)函数控制音量,函数反馈“WICED_S... Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
Hi, I am using the CYW20819EVB-02 board and I am trying to enable notifications with web ble Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
I'm using a CY8CPROTO-063-BLE board. When I try to initialize the BLE ECO clock, Cy_BLE_EcoConfigure() returns CY_BLE_ECO_HARDWARE_ERROR. The proximat... Show More
ModusToolbox PSoC 6 SDK
I have a Windows 10 machine and am logged in as Administrator, and I get to the end of what appears to be the complete installation of the ModusToolbo... Show More
ModusToolbox AWS IoT SDK
good afternoon any ideas on why callback registered (successfully) with cy_wcm_register_event_callback() is never called when wifi disconnect from AP ... Show More
ModusToolbox AWS IoT SDK
Good morning, when i'm using the AWS IOT example on PSOC6 (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W) i'm not able to run SNTP. Apprently the sntp.c is never compiled (when... Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
I have been facing the problem that spp_scb.flow_control_on never revert back to FALSE on high-load operation.It occurs in rare cases when receiving a... Show More
ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK

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ModusToolbox General
I am trying to compile a C/C++ makefile project using the Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox (Version:  2.2.0, Build ID: 2181) for CY8CKIT-062-BLE  target. ... Show More
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