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ModusToolbox PSoC 6 SDK

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I want your help why I want to know the way of transfer large data with PSoC!


I was using PSoC 5LP(CK8 KIT-059) for transfer the data to LED tape(WS2812) from SRAM with DMA.

Its SRAM capacitive is not enough for my plan that desplay the video.

So, now, I'm considering to use WiFi of PSoC 6 in real time.

I don't have knowledge PSoC 6 well so could you give me advice that wether my plan is possible.

Thank you

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Yes. You can use PSoC and transfer a large data using wifi. Can you please tell us the data throughput you are expecting over wifi?

You can use the following development board which is a 2MB flash supported PSoC along with wifi module.



New Contributor II

Hello. Ganesh

Thank you for your reply.

I'm using this development board.

I want to need data rate over 1.1Mbps.

But, I know this board can't transfer over 1Mbps with Wifi.

So, I will compromise.

I have more problematic question that I want to process the large data in real time.

Could you tell me whether following plan is possible?

I'm thinking to use SRAM as buffer memory of received data with WiFi.

And, I want to output this received data in SRAM to some pin for LED.

We have to control the level of pin output depending bit-data by 2.4 MHz for controlling LED.

I already succeed to control LED in PSoC 5LP that transfer from SRAM to LED with DMA or UDB.

overall configuration image is

I'm using this LED

I need your help!

Thank you