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Is Modus Toolbox able to create and program BLE and Wi-Fi applications for the Pioneer CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT kit?

The two example applications, Find Me and Battery Level, for BLE that import into Modus Toolbox 2.0 do not compile for my selected kit.

The WICED Studio application that comes pre-loaded works, so I am still wondering if Modus Toolbox 2.0  is the correct tool or should I be using WICED Studio?


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This is a little confusing right now because we have several different Bluetooth implementations and are trying to consolidate them. I'll try to clarify what is happening and where we are heading.

We have the Bluetooth SoC devices (20xxx), which are supported by the Bluetooth SDK. If you create a project for a "CYW20*" connectivity device then it will pull in the Bluetooth stack that you'll recognize from WICED.

For PSoC 6, there are options. If your target device is from the PSoC 63 line, for example if you pick the CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit, then you have a device with an on-chip BLESS (BLE SubSystem) implementation. That block uses a different stack and the examples you list both support that one (and that one only). Your kit has a PSoC 62 on it and that part does not have BLESS, so the examples will not build.

Since you are looking to make a BLE plus Wi-Fi application, you need the PSoC + 43xxx connectivity device solution from your Pioneer CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT kit. While that kit is supported in the PSoC 6 SDK, and we have new Wi-Fi support, there is (temporarily) no BLE stack. We intend to add that very soon and will use the same stack as the 20xxx devices, which share the same BLE block as the 43xxx.

Right now, applications that use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are only supported inside Mbed OS and Amazon FreeRTOS.

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We are also looking for a way to use PSoC6 62 in combination with a CYW4343W for BLE/Wifi combo solution. Since we are upgrading a system using the PSoC6 63 to include some wifi features. We need access to I2C, SAR ADC, SmartIO and SPI and need to be able to firmware update via BLE. 

You write:  "We intend to add that very soon and will use the same stack as the 20xxx devices, which share the same BLE block as the 43xxx." Are there any news on when to expect this feature?

If there are any alternative ways of making the CYW4343W  work in BLE & Wifi mode with the psoc6, we are open to suggestions

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