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ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK

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Can you point me to any examples for enabling PDS and SDS Sleep for the CYW20179B2 chip for ModusToolBox V2.1 SDK Version 2.7.1?  Or to a comprehensive guide for implementing & verifying specific Sleep use cases?

I am familiar with the 'low power sensor' example that was provided in WICED Studio (6.4) for the CYW20719B1, ...  and this example seems to demonstrate the exact behavior we are looking to enable in our design:

     - Indefinite / Extended Sleep

- Wake from SDS mode with a GPIO signal and wake with a warm-boot option.

I ported the source code for this demo to the Modus ToolBox environment and am able to compile and load it to the B2 EVB, but the behavior is significantly different in that the application seems to wake itself from the Sleep state automatically after ~10 sec and always wakes in a cold-boot state, ... I assume that this reflect some underlying difference in the SDK behavior between the version in WICED Studio and V2.7.1 in ToolBox 2.1?

I have the App note:  "CYW20706_and_CYW20719_Low-Power_Modes.pdf" and have looked at the sleep.h header file, but both of these provide little actual information about how to enable and verify Sleep functionality through the functions and parameters exposed in the API. 

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Please refer Low power application from (Note: If you are using the latest BTSDK with latest MTB, use .

This is demonstrated for 208xx devices. But I hope, you can port (mostly you can use the same code. Since platform is different, you have to expect slight modification in the code.) it into 20719B2 as well.

Please refer the low power guidelines: 




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