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ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK

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Dear Cypress expert,


I wonder that how to measure RF Performance (RF Test) of CYW20819, CYW20721 and CYW20719 about Bluetooth Classic and BLE.

CYW20819, CYW20721 and CYW20719 are being reviewed on Cypress website.

And I want to measure RF Performance of Classic BT and BLE by purchasing CYW20819 or CYW20721 or CYW20719 Evaluation Board in Window 10 OS. (included Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate, BLE)

1. Current Review
① I have checked the contents about CYW20819 in below document.
- CYW920819EVB-02 Evaluation Kit User Guide.pdf
- CYW920819EVB-02 Evaluation Kit Quick Start Guide.pdf

② And I installed below software (= Compiler).
- ModusToolbox_2.2.0.2801-windows-install

③ However, it can't find Stack (Software) that can measure RF Performance.
④ And it is confirmed that there is no guide document to measure RF performance.

2. Inquiries
① Isn't the Guide & Stack (Software) that can measure RF Performance provided for free on Cypress Web?
② If software and documentation exist, please provide a link.
③ Finally, if I purchase CYW20819 or CYW20721 or CYW20719 Evaluation Board, can I get a Guide & Stack (Software) to measure RF Performance?
④ In case, even Classic Bluetooth (included Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate), please let me know if there is
any product that is open for RF Performance Measurement.

please answer about my question.


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You can use WMBT tool for RF performance tests. The WICED Manufacturing Bluetooth Test tool (WMBT) is used to test and verify the RF performance of Cypress SoC Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE devices. Please check below links and go through the ReadMe.txt to understand the prerequisites and procedure for RF testing. 

Find the documentation Here: 


In Modustoolbox, once you import a sample application for a specific chip/kit and WICED BTSDK TOOLS using the project creator tool,  you will be able to find the WMBT tool in "mtb_shared\wiced_btsdk\tools\btsdk-utils\release-v2.8.0\wmbt\Release" path. 


You can use empty BTSDK app for preprogramming the device for testing, so that all the required patches will get applied along with it.