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ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK

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While trying to build the "empty_project", I get a build error that it can not link to the elf file. Build output is attached. 

It is not building the elf file for the empty project.  I have no idea why or even where to check the specification that it build the elf file.

I compared the empty project to the "Hello_senor" project. Makefile, and all settings look similar (save directory changes). 




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I couldn't reproduce this error. 

In my system, I have Modustoolbox 2.2 with 2.2.1 patch. I created a workspace, Clicked on "New Application", selected CYW920719B2Q40EVB-01 platform and selected empty BTSDK application. After creating this application, I clicked on the build option and it simply worked (compiled) for me without any issue.  I hope you have also done the same steps.


I would like to know few things:-

  • Do you have multiple versions of modustoolbox (v2.2 and previous as well) installed in your system.
  • May I know which BTSDK version are you using? (Check  the "version.xml" in empty BTSDK application which is imported and also in "mtb_shared\wiced_btsdk\dev-kit\bsp\TARGET_CYW920719B2Q40EVB-01\release-v2.x.x\version.xml") 
  • Please try to create a new fresh workspace using the latest Modustoolbox 2.2 and import the empty BTSDK app once again as I mentioned above (Click on "New Application" from "quick Panel" menu). Also, please Clean and Build the application.
  • Did you try to install the latest Modustoolbox 2.2.1 patch? If not please install it.


Could you please .zip your empty BTSDK application and share it with us? We will try to reproduce the issue with the same app in our systems.




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