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ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK

New Contributor

Hi all!...after downloading and successfully installing the Modus Toolbox IDE I am having trouble to connect my Windows-10 pc with the Cypress EZ-BT MESH EVALUATION KIT...SEEMS MY COMPUTER IS UNABLE TO LOCATE THE RIGHT USB SOFTWARE DRIVER: not on my pc nor the Internet.

Any one have had the same issue/s before?...and then succeeded in solving it/them??....

Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestion/s in this regards!

Daniel Corte.

1 Solution

On my PC, when I plug in the mesh kit, there is a USB-Serial (Dual Channel) with yellow bang. But also 2 new COM ports (WICED HCI UART and WICED Peripheral UART). If you have the same behavior, just ignore the yellow bang. 2 COM ports is all you need.

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