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Session 4: AnyCloud WIFI Design Flow

Welcome to the fourth session of the ModusToolbox Training Series!

In the previous Session 3: Introduction to CapSense in ModusToolbox , we learnt about CapSense in ModusToolbox and how to built basic CapSense applications using CapSense Middleware Library.

In this session, we are going to introduce you to the AnyCloud WIFI Design Flow. The session starts with a brief introduction to different software architectures (Mbed, AFR and AnyCloud), followed by AnyCloud Stack. You will get insights on how to build basic WiFi application in Modus Toolbox using the WiFi Connection Manager Library. You will also learn about the required libraries or the minimum set of libraries for getting started with WiFi (WCM, WiFi Middleware Core, Secure Sockets, WHD). In the end, an interesting demo project will help you create your own basic TCP application in Modus Toolbox. Let’s get started!

Duration: 90 mins


The exercises created as part of this training series have been tested to work on the following boards. The exercises might need minor modifications if being used for a different board.


1.  Software Architecture – AnyCloud / AFR / Mbed

2.  AnyCloud Stack

3.  AnyCloud WiFi Libraries

        a. Using Library manager to add Wi-Fi to a PSoC 6 project in AnyCloud

        b. Middleware Core Libraries

        c. Wi-Fi Connection Manager (WCM)

        d. Secure Sockets

4.  WICED Wi-Fi Driver

5.  WHD WiFi Host Driver

6.  Demo – TCP Client

7.  Abbreviations

8.  References

Using the Training Material:

The presentation used in the video is attached to the blog. Jump to 2:08 in the video to get started with the session.

Video Link : 1812

The training material and exercises are hosted here: Community-Code-Examples/mtb_training/session04 at master · cypresssemiconductorco/Community-Code-Exa...

You can also refer to the documentation tab in the MODUS toolbox that gives you more insights on all the required WiFi libraries (Secure Sockets, WHD, WCM and Middleware Core Library).

Have any Questions?

Feel free to drop in your queries in the Cypress Developer Community.

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