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NOR: Securing Embedded Systems with SEMPER™ Secure NOR Flash

NOR: Securing Embedded Systems with SEMPER™ Secure NOR Flash


As devices and applications become more and more connected, embedded systems memory architecture is evolving to address the heightened focus on security. At the same time, next-generation System-on-Chips (SoCs) are migrating to advanced technology nodes that do not support embedded nonvolatile memory. The alternative – standard external flash devices – are easy targets for cybersecurity attacks. As a result, these SoCs require Flash memory solutions that prioritize security, reliability, and safety.

SEMPER™ Secure NOR Flash was designed with these changing requirements in mind. A hardware engine accelerates encryption to protect stored data without a performance penalty. It also features a hardware root-of-trust to enable highly-secured end-to-end transactions, and performs diagnostics and data correction for functional safety.

To learn more about secure design principles and to discover Infineon’s SEMPER™ Secure product line, please read our whitepaper:

 “Securing Embedded Systems with Semper™ Secure NOR Flash”

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