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NOR: Implementing Predictive Maintenance with Semper™ NOR Flash


When developing a system that requires unsurpassed reliability, safety and endurance, as well as a low cost of ownership, Infineon’s Semper™ NOR Flash is the optimum solution.  With Semper NOR Flash products, the user can implement predictive maintenance models to monitor the health of the Semper NOR Flash device.

What is Predictive Maintenance? Predictive Maintenance is the detection of failures before they occur, and in the case of Semper solutions, utilizing Semper’s advanced analytics to predict those (potential) failures. Functional Safety (SafeBoot™), EnduraFlex™ architecture (wear-leveling) and Error Correction Code (ECC) are just some of the key diagnostic features that assist with achieving overall system safety objectives.

Watch the video now and discover what Semper NOR Flash products have to offer towards your development of a reliable, safe and durable system. For more information, please contact Bacem Daassi, or simply provide your questions directly below.

   Video: Predictive Maintenance Demo – Watch it Now!

   Customer Applications Engineering Contact:  Bacem Daassi