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Memory Solutions


NOR: Flash part number decoder


 When designing with Infineon NOR Flash memories, many designers have had questions about the different codes that are embedded in our part numbers. The Infineon team is excited to provide a NOR Flash decoder to help decipher our part numbers.

For example, say you are working with part number S28HS01GTFPBHB030. Using our new decoder, you will see this translates to 1Gb SEMPER™ NOR Flash with Octal interface operating at 1.8 V manufactured in BGA packaging and tested for automotive Grade 2 application.

To access this decoder, please view the PDF attached to this blog post at bottom.

Note that the decoder is intended to help you understand NOR Flash part numbers. Some specific combinations may not be available at this time. When ordering Infineon NOR Flash, please refer to the links below on