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You Cannot Debug a Cypress Kit with Two Debug Probes Plugged In - KBA222114


You Cannot Debug a Cypress Kit with Two Debug Probes Plugged In - KBA222114

Version: *A

Translation - Japanese: 2つのデバッグプローブが接続されているサイプレスキットをデバッグできません - KBA222114 - Community Translated (JA)

Issue: Simultaneous debugging with two probes is not supported.

Cypress kits have specific pins for debugging. Only one probe can use those pins at a time. If two probes are attached to the kit, they will contend for control of the pins, with unpredictable results. One or the other or both will fail to connect or communicate properly with the kit.

It is easy to inadvertently have two debug probes plugged in. Cypress kits have an on-board debug probe called KitProg. If you connect your kit to the host computer with the provided USB cable, the cable provides both power and a connection to KitProg. KitProg is essentially invisible, because it is built into the kit. So, it’s easy to forget that the USB cable also connects a debug probe.

If you connect a 2nd probe, like a MiniProg3, or a ULINK2, you will have problems. For example, with PSoC® Creator™ and the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit, you may see an error like: “Unable to acquire target device PSoC 63 CY8C6347BZI-BLD53 (CM4): ‘SWD error OK|WAIT|FAULT’ was received while trying to change the selected target.” The precise error will depend upon the IDE, the target, and the probes.


Workaround: Unplug one of the debug probes. If you need to provide power to the board, use an external power supply, or (if supported) have the remaining probe supply power.

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